Ahammad Shawki
Talent without Hardworking is Nothing


During the Corona outbreak, my school was closed for about 5 months. At that time, while I was feeling bored sitting in front of my desk, suddenly an idea banged into my head. I thought my classmates might be bored too. Why don't I talk with them and teach them programming? Then I discussed my idea with some of them. All appreciated the idea and they were eagerly wanting to learn to program. So, I organized PyCampaign20 in Zoom. In this campaign, I have guided them on how to start a career as a Python Developer and I also taught them the Basics of Python Programming. The mentoring project was produced by The AS8 organization. After completing a successful online campaign, my friends were like that:

PyCampaign20 helped me a lot to start my coding journey. At first, it saved me from starting my programming career in the wrong way. Then it saved my tons of productive time which I might waste in search of quality videos, books, links, etc. We didn't have world-class facilities here but our enthusiastic instructor Ahammad helped us with his best. Now at the end of the Campaign, I have Python programming skills in my skill-set and a proper coding plan for my next 3 years.

I always like tech and used to follow tech channels and forums on YouTube. I became a tech-nerd in 8 grade and started to get interested in the software of technological devices. At that time, Ahammad taught me about Python in school. At first, I didn't pay attention to programming but later I got interested in it. So, I asked him if he could teach me more. He gave me the link to his repository in which he had written about the "Python Basics" and the repository was so great. I got inspired by that and started my coding journey with Python. And he is still helping me in my coding whenever I have confusion about something.

In the pandemic period, Ahammad Shawki organized PyCampaign20 through which I have started my coding journey. In this campaign, Ahammad tried his best to teach us the basics of Python programming. Besides, he has provided us with the necessary information for stepping up to the higher levels in the field of programming and a proper coding plan for the next couple of years. It was a very interesting journey. Now, though the campaign has been ended, still he is helping me whenever I am facing any problem while coding.

Technology and gadgets were always a great fear for me. But during this Corona pandemic, Pycampaign20, which was organized by Ahammad, has reduced that fear and helped me a lot to start my coding journey. This campaign has helped me to learn the programming basics in Python and truly the journey was so interesting and effective for me. Ahammad gave his best to teach us the basics. He is still helping us with deciding our future coding plan.

I always like to learn new things about technology. In this case, coding is a must. In the free time of the corona pandemic, our enthusiastic friend, Ahammad has organized a course about python coding. He gives his best to teach us the basics of python coding. He also suggests to us what we should do in the future. I enjoy his all class and hope that he would be one of the best coders of Bangladesh as well as the world.

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